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Arts and Crafts Collector is a central location for finding information about people, organizations, and merchandise related to the Arts & Crafts movement and architectural style. The organization is also the driving force behind the annual Arts and Crafts Conference, held at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC.

When the proprietor of Arts and Crafts Collector contacted Diva Deluxe Design, they were using a proprietary system set up by the referring agency. The site management system was no longer being supported, and the site was beginning to experience issues. It was important to the client that they be able to maintain the content, that it be easy and obvious how to input information and have it a-routed to the proper location within the site and b-display in a manner consistent with the type of information. This site has three categories of articles, a list of resources, an events calendar, and a business directory. The organization also sells advertising space, and needed a way to manage and serve ads.

On the back end, there are clear areas for inputting each of the different types of articles, resources, businesses, events, and ads. Using a combination of custom code, plugins, and creative re-purposing, Diva Deluxe Design created a solution that has been largely maintained by the client. We provided a few hours of instruction, as well as a written document with directions on performing the most common tasks. Finally, on the User Experience side, custom Arts and Crafts style fonts were installed and are being used, and the Business Directory menu item displays in multiple columns as opposed to an exceedingly lengthy list.