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Educational Resources

I am a big believer in education. Not just the standard stuff – self-education is a passion of mine. To that end, I will be creating an area on this website for just that – education. Specifically, technology education. I will share resources, links, tutorials, etc.

Web Design is a good resource for the absolute beginner. It has step by step tutorials on the entire process. This particular link goes straight to the page where a basic webpage is created.

College Open Textbooks has a variety of titles for learning computer science (and other!) topics.

End-User Software

Microsoft has several resources available on its website. In Pictures is a free resource that uses images as the primary way of conveying information. software tutorials are a great way to learn just about anything.

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Peltier Technical Services has tutorials on a variety of Excel topics.

Student Handouts

Excel Topics:

Formulas and Functions


Working with Large and Multiple Worksheets